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    10 Tidbits From Euphoria's Season 2 Premiere

    Rue and the gang are BACK!

    Euphoria's second season premiered last night and it's a humdinger! Viewer discretion is advised due to "violence, nudity, and sexual content" which I'm pretty sure is a MASSIVE understatement. The amount of nudity straddles the line between tasteful and soft-core porn. And that's why we love HBO! I can't show you the nudity but here are some other fun tidbits from Episode One:

    We learn about Fez's origin story.

    Fez's grandma was a certified Badass GMILF.

    And we learn how Fez's little brother, Ash, got his name.

    Jules has a cute new bob hairstyle!

    Nate gets REAL weird at a New Year's Eve party.

    Rue makes a new friend.

    Cassie spends most of her New Year's Eve hiding in a bathtub.

    Maddy rage-dances.

    Rue finds herself in a VERY naked kitchen situation.

    There is a truly *WILD* incident at the New Year's Eve party!

    And that's not even the half of it.