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    31 Things From Walmart To Help You Actually Enjoy Working Out At Home

    These can change up your routine so your workouts stay as energized as you.

    1. A set of resistance bands to build that booty, leg, arm, and even ab strength. Use these to squat-walk around your house, with or without an audience, and feel the burn.

    2. A mini stair-stepper with resistance bands that'll help you to get in a full-body workout quickly at home with its compact, three-in-one design. We're feeding all the birds with one scone here.

    3. A quality (and sustainable!) yoga mat, because this can make or break your practice, especially if you tend to slip while in downward dog. This one's cork upper is there to prevent it from shifting around, making yoga at home something to actually look forward to.

    4. A rowing machine to replace the one at the gym, which always seems to have an impossibly long line in front of it (for good reason, though).

    5. An adjustable weight that'll be a reliable and versatile tool for your at-home workouts. Keep them interesting and challenging with this compact set without crowding your space or having an eyesore.

    6. A foam plyo box trainer, because what's better than a one-stop *box* when it comes to upping your cardio, agility, and ab and leg strength at home?

    7. An Everlast freestanding reflex bag so you can be sure your workouts are as dynamic as you deserve, training everything from eye and footwork coordination to core, leg, and arm strength.

    8. A weighted training vest like this one from Everlast to get you closer to achieving your at-home training goals faster by upping the ante with an extra 10-20lbs of weight.

    9. A pair of adjustable ankle weights to easily add to the workout routine you already have perfected...or an easy way to turning household chores into an impromptu gym sesh.

    10. A cast-iron kettlebell that'll last a lifetime and can be integrated into a variety of energizing space-conscious workouts.

    11. A body ball to take your Netflix workouts to the next level. It'll be gentler on your joints, take up little space, challenge your balance, and add resistance to moves with even the smallest range of motion.

    12. A Pilates resistance ring, because this can be stored under your bed or in your closet in-between increasing the challenge of a variety of pilates moves that work everything from your core to your legs, chest, and arms.

    13. An Everlast six-piece speed bag kit that'll become your best friend after long days that deserve stimulating and agility-centric workouts.

    14. A pair of rolling workout dice to change up your routine, add something unexpected, and take the monotony out of your at-home training sessions.

    15. A yoga set that'll change up your at-home fitness game by adding more low-impact and flexibility training, whether you're new to the practice or just need a cute, cohesive collection of the necessities.

    16. A reformer four-way band for an all-in-one reformer machine alternative that takes virtually no room to store and can be used in countless ways to strength train right in your living room.

    17. A medicine ball you can bounce against a brick or cement wall or the floor for releasing pent-up energy from a long workday and helping you sweat out the remnants of a long night.

    18. A pair of non-slip yoga socks that'll be like a portable yoga mat for your feet, so you can replace bulkier yoga accessories if you're working with a smaller home or apartment.

    19. A 16-ft trampoline for your backyard to get your heart rate and adrenaline going. Make yourself some lemonade beforehand, practice your backflips, and relive childhood.

    20. A mini trampoline to give you more compact and precise jump-based workouts (and as an alternative to a larger trampoline if you've got more of a public park/community garden situation happening than a backyard).

    21. A squat machine for building glute, arm, and core strength with one simple movement. It's time to step up (puns) your Netflix-and-squat routine.

    22. A pair of push-up bars so you can add a wide range of motion to this classic workout while also taking some stress off of your wrists, and focus on the gains without as much pain.

    23. A pair of grippy yoga gloves, because especially when paired with the yoga socks, these'll improve any at-home workout by removing any risk of slippage during push-ups or downward dogs.

    24. A bar-and-resistance band combo that'll introduce a variety of new moves into your at-home workout routine. And it stores easily and unassumingly in a closet or cabinet.

    25. A bumpy massager ball to add intensity to floor-based moves and aid in your recovery post-workout by giving your muscles a bit of a massage.

    26. A trigger point massage ball that'll tend to tight or sore muscles while you work or watch TV in-between workouts so you can get better results from your training.

    27. A terry cloth yoga mat to prevent slipping while you sweat, so don't be afraid to work hard β€” you'll have very little to clean up or wipe down afterward.

    28. A pair of resistance band ankle cuffs for adding a challenge to workouts that require a small range of motion. They're so easy to use, you could even turn walking from room to room into a workout.

    29. A dual-grip medicine ball that allows you to replace your weights, regular medicine ball, and maybe even your kettlebell with one do-it-all workout accessory.

    30. A pull-up bar to train your arms, either sporadically or in-between circuits, or even begin your own month-long pull-up challenge.

    31. A Pilates box that'll level up your floor practice by challenging your range of motion, balance, as well as strength. This kit has all you need to get the best of a reformer class at home.

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