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    31 Comfy Dresses From Walmart That'll Upgrade Your WFH Wardrobe

    Working from home doesn't necessarily have to mean sweatpants.

    1. A maxi shirt dress that'll feel chic and work-appropriate, even if your current office is your kitchen table.

    2. A knit sleeveless dress, because this'll feel as soft as the blanket you'd alternatively be wrapped in during WFH days — just with a little more "I tried" vibes.

    3. A flowy, bohemian maxi dress that'll make you feel like the free-spirited freelancer you almost are (or might just actually be) while working from home.

    4. A long-sleeve cowl-neck sweater dress so you have the coziest go-to of all your favorite work-from-home 'fits.

    5. A long-sleeve V-neck dress with an A-line skirt that'll be as cozy as can be during work-from-home days, but transition seamlessly into date-from-home nights.

    6. A cold-shoulder knit maxi dress for feeling comfy during couch cuddling *and* living room Zoom meetings.

    7. A strapless maxi dress with a thigh slit, because this'll make sitting for long periods of time both comfortable and breathable.

    8. A ribbed knit midi dress with a stand-out button-down accent to make mirror selfies necessary during work-from-home lunch breaks.

    9. An aquamarine knee-length button-down dress with a classic chain print, because this'll feel as expensive on as it looks — a plus when sweatshirts are the usual go-to for working from home.

    10. A maxi dress so you feel just a little bit more dressed up...without the tight seams or uncomfortable material.

    11. A long-sleeve faux wrap dress with a bohemian floral print for something as cheerful as it comfortable.

    12. A fit-and-flare mini dress with a scoop neck and long sleeves that'll make your plants think you're flirting with them.

    13. A brightly-colored tie-dye number, because this'll bring summer indoors to you, no matter what time of year it is or when you're working from home.

    14. A lacy mini dress with fluttery tulip sleeves to give your work-from-home days a super fancy edge.

    15. A sleeveless mermaid-shaped tie-dye knit midi dress for something surprisingly soft *and* cute. Go Sofia Vergara.

    16. An intricately embroidered sweater dress so your outfit swings and flows as you move...from your home office to your fridge.

    17. A sparkly wrap dress that is the ideal combination of practicality, comfort, and total weekday glam.

    18. A super cute stretchy sleeveless dress with room for the buffet-style lunch you're planning to make for yourself with everything you finally noticed was going bad in your fridge.

    19. A ruffly wrap dress, because this is adjustable, beautiful, and indecently soft — you'll feel like you're really getting away with something.

    20. A printed midi dress so you can wear something ideal for working from home AND being seen year-round...just layer it up or down.

    21. An off-the-shoulder fitted dress for working from your patio or balcony. No tan lines here.

    22. An off-the-shoulder dress with boho flair that'll give you a little boost on those sunny days when working from home just doesn't seem right.

    23. A super cozy T-shirt dress for when throwing something on is all the day calls for. And all you really wanna do.

    24. A short-sleeve shirt dress so you can rely on easy dressing when you've got an 8:30 a.m. video conference followed by several phone calls, deadlines, and dog walks.

    25. A ruched-sleeve dress, because this'll be easy to toss on, but has special detailing on the sleeves that makes it feel just a bit more dressed-up.

    26. A short sleeve mini dress that's super sporty, even if the only sport you're doing is digitally chasing down prospects.

    27. A wide-sleeve number so you have something as breathable as the spring air in Hawaii, where we all deserve to be. But in the meantime, we've got this dress.

    28. A peasant dress that'll look just as good with no shoes in your house as with tall boots, even if you are just taking your pup for a quick stroll.

    29. An airy belted dress with pinstripes that's ideal for a work-from-home day that might also include a little at-home day date with your partner.

    30. A mock-neck ruffle dress for feeling unexpectedly pretty during a day spent working from home. This will keep you glowing and on your game all day long.

    31. A mixed animal print wrap dress with small balloon sleeves that'll look totally killer when you go to take a sip of your coffee in this morning's video meeting.

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