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    31 Beauty Products From Walmart You’ll Probably Wonder Why You Never Used Before

    Exclusives, things from best-selling brands, and other beauty products you may not have expected to find at Walmart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Hairitage apple cider vinegar rinse that'll give your hair a proper cleanse and clear your scalp of any product residue that gentle shampoos didn't pick up.

    @hairitagebymindy / Via

    Promising review: "On my first use — what a difference. I have natural, curly hair that requires lots of product to keep from over frizzing. I used the rinse and let my hair air dry with no product. I can't believe how soft and bouncy my hair feels. The curls look impressed!!!! Love this stuff. I usually need suds, so I was skeptical...boy was I wrong. Definitely give it a try!!!!" —TamrahB10

    Price: $7.94

    2. A cleen Beauty vitamin C serum to give lightweight hydration, brighten dark spots, and encourage a more even, happy complexion.

    @cleenbeauty / Via

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a serum for so long that will not leave my face feeling greasy and gross. I've spent so much money [in the past] and I'm so happy now that I have found Cleen Beauty brand! It has helped my even out my skin tone within just two weeks of use and leaves my face feeling great and refreshed!" —Meyo

    Price: $9.97

    3. An Earth To Skin manuka honey set (manuka honey is an acne-fighting ingredient) so you have the products you need for hydrated skin that's protected from free radicals and soothed from stress.


    Each set includes: Honey cleanser, Manuka Honey Day Cream, Manuka Honey Night Cream, and Royal Jelly Eye Cream.

    Promising review: "I loved having a routine of products that all work together and leave great results! The Honey Starter Kit includes a cleanser, day cream, night cream and eye cream. Using this kit, my skin felt cleaner, looked brighter, had less blemishes, and felt great! The smell is awesome — it's not a heavy perfumed aroma. It didn't dry out my skin, either, even though it is an antibacterial product. Earth to've got an awesome product that I will continue to use!" —Lingee4

    Price: $9.98

    4. A FoxyBae straightening brush for helping you serve sleek looks that are frizz-free, ultra smooth, and achieved in only a few minutes.


    Promising review: "This is my first time using a hair straightening brush and I'm truly impressed! This got rid of ALL frizz, and with just a few swipes my hair was completely pin straight. I actually prefer this to my flat iron because I don't feel I'm completely damaging my hair. I've used Foxybae's other hair tools (hair wands and curling irons) and it has to be one of my favorite new brands!" —Mar

    Price: $59 (originally $149.95)

    5. A Remington Pro 1-inch multi-styler if you need a tool that can curl, wave, crimp, and straighten — plus, it reduces clutter since it's an all-in-one styling iron.

    Walmart, @remington_us / Via

    Promising review: "This gave me salon-quality results within a few minutes! I hardly use styling tools, as I have a hard time achieving what I want and sometimes find them confusing to use. So, as a beginner, I was really impressed when my hair went from looking like I just got out of bed to looking like I just walked out of the salon without the use of any hair styling products!" —butterfly917x

    Price: $34.97

    6. A tin of Burt's Bees cuticle cream to prevent dry cuticles after washing your hands for what feels like the millionth time today (don't forget to count to 20!).


    Promising review: "My cuticles look the very best they can; you can instantly see a difference. It can be a quick addition to any beauty routine because it takes seconds to apply. It also smells great, very much like lemon. It also helps nails look naturally shiny." —Kloved1

    Price: $5.82

    7. A Julep nail polish from their horoscope collection (this one's Libra) so you can dive into the next Mercury retrograde as prepped and put together as ever.


    Promising review: "It lasted so long and I received tons of compliments!" —Laporte24

    Price: $6.99 (available in nine shades)

    8. An acne treatment system for anyone with breakouts as well as fans of Proactiv (but not its price tag!) who aren't reactive to benzoyl peroxide.


    Each set includes a cleanser, toner, repairing lotion, and purifying mask.

    Promising review: "I was able to find relief and see results within a day or two! Equate has amazed me at how well their acne cleanser compares to overpriced Proactiv that also requires a binding subscription!" —VenusBloodflow

    Price: $11.97

    9. A blending sponge set of various sizes that'll help you seamlessly blend and bake every part of the face, neck, and chest, including those harder-to-reach spots.


    Promising review: "Awesome buy! I love these blenders. They're a dupe to the Beauty Blender but smaller. Blends perfectly when damp and you get three for a nice price. I will purchase again." —Tara

    Price: $5

    10. A set of best-selling Laura Geller products to brighten your makeup looks...or to give to anyone who simply can't get a bright enough highlight.


    Each set comes with Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator, an Illuminating Body Mist, and a Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coat.

    Promising review: "I received this makeup set as a gift and loved it!! The powder highlighter is to die for. It is easy to apply and the warm honey highlight really accentuates my cheekbones. The lipgloss and body mist are the perfect hint of shimmer that works both for an everyday and night look. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone!" —Kate

    Price: $27.99

    11. A Bonjour Beautiful perfume set, complete with five luxurious scents, if you like variety. Ellen DeGeneres herself is a fan of the set!


    Each set includes Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun, Vanille Blackberry by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Intense Cafe by Montale, Not a Blue Bottle 1.2 by Histories de Parfums, and Remarkable People by Etat Libre d'Orange.

    Promising review: "Love doesn’t just have to be in the air. It can also be dabbed onto your wrists and mid-neck region with this assortment of fine fragrances." —Ellen DeGeneres

    Price: $17.99

    12. An e.l.f. mattifying mist that'll replace your compact powder and keep your skin from getting that dreaded "cakey" look from too much product.


    Promising review: "Started using this because I have oily skin. It works well to get rid of shine quickly, but even better, it's helped my skin glow. No joke. I have hyperpigmentation and [the areas with discoloration have] lightened up. Plus my skin looks tighter. I think it's the clay. I'm not sure... but I love it!" —Cvill24

    Price: $8

    13. Gucci Bloom eau de parfum because few things are more satisfying than buying Gucci at Walmart.

    @guccibeauty / Via

    Promising review: "Gucci Bloom smells just like the name suggests: a sophisticated bouquet of jasmine, tuberose, honeysuckle, sandalwood, and vanilla. But it's also not overly floral. It is a very casual, youthful, and feminine smell that can be worn anywhere. Would definitely recommend to all my girlfriends!" —Sien

    Price: $59.75+ (available in two sizes)

    14. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product that'll be the saving grace of damaged or hard-to-manage hair. Just spritz on wet hair, style as usual, and feel the difference.


    Promising review: "I had bleached, stripped hair and used this daily to help add moisture and nutrients back in. It's been a year and you would never know my hair used to feel like a scouring pad. Excellent product!" — LeeshaUCF

    Price: $13.99

    15. A bottle of highly rated EltaMD SPF 46 facial sunscreen for completing your skincare routine and protecting your skin. Plus, it's safe for anyone with acne or sensitive skin.

    @eltamdskincare / Via

    Promising review: "This is the best I've found in a pharmaceutical grade. Perfect coverage and does not turn your skin white. I would like the tinted next time I purchase. I'll continue to purchase this sunblock as I have sensitive skin and can't allow sun exposure." —Daniel U.

    Price: $19.70

    16. A dry shampoo to refresh your second- or third- (or fourth-!) day hair when a shampooing isn't in the cards.


    Promising review: "I love me some dry shampoo! This one is really good. It left my hair looking non-oily but also kept the shine! Some of the dry shampoos I've had leave a white film on the hair, leave it looking matte, and take your shine away completely. This product made my hair feel clean and still lightweight while keeping it shiny! And it smells really good!" —JenNamaste4

    Price: $7.94

    17. A set of May Coop Raw Sauce sheet masks, because they're unbleached and made of 100% maple tree sap instead of purified water for hydrating your skin and introducing a bit of self care into your nighttime routine.


    Promising review: "This is a highly moisturizing sheet mask that is good for a dry winter. I like that the mask is made from unbleached cotton for fewer irritants. I have fairly red skin and it did not bother it at all. " —Coral

    Price: $18.98 for six

    18. Liter-size bottles of Pureology shampoo and conditioner so you don't have to worry about replacing your quality in-shower haircare until, like, next year.


    Promising review: "Perfect shampoo and conditioner for dry or color-treated hair. Smells heavenly, makes hair silky, and leaves your scalp tingling. Several hairdressers have highly recommended it. It costs more, but does more, too." —LaVina

    Price: $75.99 for shampoo and conditioner

    19. A Bare Minerals powder foundation with SPF 15 if you'd rather combine the foundation, concealer, and powder steps in your current beauty routine. Plus, the line is nontoxic and cruelty-free so you don't have to worry about what the ingredients in your makeup are doing to your skin.


    Promising review: "I have been using this foundation for a few years now. It has great coverage and last all day. I only have to buy it once a year! I was surprised and happy to see that Walmart carries this product." —Adrienne

    Price: $9.99+ (available in 19 shades)

    20. The OG St. Tropez tanning mousse to work on your summer glow without going anywhere near UVA and UVB rays — or even outside.


    Promising review: "This is much cheaper than you can find on other sites. The product is awesome! It's high quality and, if you use the mitt, it's easy to apply and not mess it up. The tan is so natural looking! My boyfriend still hasn't noticed that my tan isn't natural!" —Chels

    Price: $31.99

    21. A giant bag of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts for making your routine soaks as healing for your body as they are for your mind.


    Promising review: "With sore muscles from straining or pulling, soak in hot water with the epsom salt dissolved. This relaxes your muscles so you don't wake up sore or stiff." —catsr1luv

    Price: $4.97

    22. A bottle of Philosophy's Purity facial cleanser for a reliable and gentle clean, wash after wash and regardless of skin type (oily, combination, dry, etc.).


    Promising review: "Best cleanser ever. It's super gentle but my skin still feels totally clean after rinsing. The bottle lasts a long time. It's got a light scent, but nothing overpowering." —Msm

    Price: $17.89

    23. A bottle of Harry's shave gel for achieving the silkiest shave without the parabens, sulfates, or animal testing.


    Promising review: "I got the sample bottle and immediately ordered more to go with my razors! It goes on easily, softens my beard so the razor glides over it (far better than the commercial shave gels I buy at the supermarket), and it smells wonderful." — TimELiebe

    Price: $5.97+ (also available in a two-pack)

    24. A hot roller set for getting the bounciest retro-style curls of your life quicker than with a curling iron (or going back in time).


    Promising review: "I love how easy it is to use Remington's Ceramic Hot Rollers. They heat up very quickly after they're plugged in. I like how soft the case is and that it's the perfect size for traveling. My curls come out really nicely and it added a ton of volume. I liked that it doesn't make my hair frizzy or damaged. The J-clips held the curlers hold the curlers in place really well. " —Heather77

    Price: $14.96 for 10 rollers

    25. Differin, a cult-followed prescription-strength retinoid to treat mild to severe acne and address signs of aging.


    Promising review: "Best acne treatment ever! Dealt with acne for a really long time. I tried everything and I noticed that anything I tried never worked for my skin; it just made me break out even more. So I stopped wearing makeup because my acne was so ugly that every time I put foundation on my skin it would look so bad. Then I tried Differin and within two weeks I noticed a HUGE difference. I went back to putting on foundation and I couldn't be any more happier" —Consuelo

    Price: $28.88

    26. A quick-drying Essie nail polish so you can satisfy your love for manis without ever leaving the house.


    Promising review: "I never have time to get to the nail salon as often as I want to these days but I still want to look and feel good. For those in between salon visits, I like to give a quick polish to my nails so I can keep going. I tried the new Expressie nail polish and IT IS ON FIRE! The polish just glides on and the smooth finish is like a mirror. So far, it's held up to a dog washing, nightly dishes, and even an impromptu rose bush pruning. Consider me impressed and pleasantly pleased." —denise_tx_7p6fw

    Price: $7.06 (available in 40 shades)

    27. A top-rated Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that'll be the only hair dryer you'll use for the rest of your life — and your hair will thank you for it.


    Promising review: "I truly cannot praise this hair dryer enough. I have thick, color-treated, past-waist-length hair. I am also partially disabled. Drying my hair is a labor-intensive, nearly hour-long chore that can exhaust me and leave me in pain for the rest of the day. Not any more. Drying takes 20 minutes or less, and causes no pain. The dryer is beautifully balanced and so easy to use! And I no longer get my hair sucked into the vent, which I consider a lovely bonus." — KitCeydonia

    Price: $389+ (available in three colors)

    28. An at-home gel nail polish starter kit with an LED lamp for curing, because now is a great time to become a pro at giving yourself professional-looking gel manis.


    Promising review: "I just started painting my nails again last week with my favorite regular nail polish. Everyday I would come home from work missing chunks of polish after doing nothing!! After seeing this lasts for two weeks, I went and bought this since it has everything you need for a good price, and oh my goodness, I'm glad I did! I have had them for four days and have had no breakage!" —TheBrowns

    Price: $24.88

    29. A glycolic acid toner for a refreshing and gentle skin resurfacing so your skin is glowing and bright.


    With regular use, this glycolic acid and antioxidant-rich toner brightens dark spots, improves skin texture, and diminishes sun damage and fine lines over time, all while caring for and soothing the skin with botanicals and its sulfate- and paraben-free formula. What more could we want?

    Price: $19.49

    30. A Julep concealer that'll provide medium-to-full coverage and a demi-matte finish, so your skin still looks like skin.


    Promising review: "I'm positively smitten!! I don't think this product can get any better for me. In two of the shades I chose, as my skin changes color depending on sun and season, the colors each match seamlessly, provide excellent coverage, and improve my texture. I love this product!!!" —Joodz

    Price: $16 (available in 18 shades)

    31. A set of acrylic French nails that press on with a bit of nail glue and hold fast, outlasting most regular polish jobs.


    Promising review: "These are the best! I got these at the last minute because I was in a crunch. It was my first time trying something like this so I was skeptical." —Augustrain

    Price: $6.97

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