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To Anyone Who Has Worked At A Restaurant: Share What Dish Haunts Your Dreams Because You Hated Making It So Much

If you have to audibly groan when someone orders something specific off the menu at your restaurant, we want to know what it is.

I know from working in restaurants myself that when I'm ordering food, I could be unintentionally causing someone immense amounts of stress by ordering *the* cursed menu item. Every place has them. It's the specific item on the menu that, for whatever reason, is a total pain to make.

stressed restaurant worker with text "please order literally anything else"

I still freshly feel the anguish that I had over 10 years ago. I was working at the classy local diner, Steak 'n Shake, and just wishing for the sweet release of death at every second. Nothing compared to the soul-crushing tyranny that would overtake my spirit the very moment someone uttered those haunted words, "I want a side by side shake."

As much as I wanted to smile and say "Sure!" I would have to fight the cringe creeping up into my facial expression, so the attempted smile would look like I was in actual pain. Honestly? I was. Side by side shakes were my nemesis when I did my time at that restaurant. The customers couldn't have known that making them was slowly dwindling away my very essence because it's triple the work of making a normal shake.

Even if we as customers don't *know* that a menu item might be stressful (and traumatizing, TBH) for the employee to make, it's still not fun for them. So, I turn to you, BuzzFeed Community. Do you work at a restaurant, or have worked at one in the past?

If you have, tell us the menu item that always caused way too much stress to make. Did you work at McDonalds, and whenever someone ordered a McGriddle, you'd mute the headset and scream to yourself? Did you ever consider leaping from the drive-thru window at a Taco Bell to escape making a Mexican pizza?

taco bell building with overlayed image of mexican pizza

Maybe you worked at Starbucks, and after seeing a school bus pull into the parking lot, you'd know right away that an entire youth baseball team was about to erupt through the doors and you'd be doomed to whip up at least 27 Frappuccinos, meanwhile making just one of them is already annoying enough?

Frappuccino with text that says "my therapist will be hearing about this"

Express your stress in the comments! If you'd rather stay incognito because you're currently AT work, hiding from customers in the walk-in, you can also fill out this anonymous Google form! Let us know what restaurant, the menu item it is, and why it's so annoying/stressful/tedious to make. Your comment could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!