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    16 Infuriating Tourists Who Decided Their Vacation Was The Only One That Mattered

    This is me begging everyone to stop taking their shoes off on an airplane.

    While everyone is getting ready to embark on their holiday travels, let's just take a moment to remember how *not* to behave in public. To quote George Costanza, "You know, we're living in a society!!" Here are 16 pictures of travelers who think the whole world revolves around them:

    1. Starting out strong with this comfy person who decided to sprawl out with his feet up on public transportation without any regard for the people standing up:

    A man with his feet on a bench, blocking people from sitting

    2. The hot mess travelers who left this even hotter mess:

    A trashed train

    3. If you're traveling with your dog, prepare yourself for a certain, um, situation:

    A dog peeing on the bus

    4. Honestly, I'm much less offended by dogs than I am by THESE dogs barkin' on public transit:

    Someone's foot peeking in someone's seat


    Someone's foot touching a man's arm

    6. Please don't throw your pistachio shells on the ground, thanks! —Management.

    Pistachio shells on the floor

    7. If you're going to stay awake on a long overnight flight while others are trying to sleep, just be a dear and crank that brightness down from a blinding 100%:

    Someone using their laptop on a plane

    8. This total lack of hair awareness (ahairness?):

    Someone's hair hanging over their seat

    9. Whoever used the on-flight drink menu to dispose of their gum will not be seeing the pearly gates:

    Someone's gum in a menu

    10. Whoever left this half-eaten snack for the next person on the bus to enjoy:

    Food on a bus seat

    11. If you go on a cruise, please don't be that guy who claims a chair by putting down a towel and then leaving for hours:

    Towels on chairs

    12. I have personal beef with any tourist that leaves more than just their footsteps on the beach:

    Trash all over a beach

    13. These tourists who said, "This sign can't stop me, because I can't read."

    "Area closed"

    14. I'm disappointed but not surprised by this massive line of people climbing while blissfully unaware they're directly next to a "Please don't climb" sign:

    People climbing a hill they're not supposed to

    15. Everyone looking at this painting was keeping a distance so they could all look at it — until this main character showed up:

    A woman in everyone's way while looking at a painting

    16. And finally, the tourists who were so rude to this business in Thailand that they had to make this sign:

    "Don't complain about our English if you can't speak Thai"