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If You're Over Thirty, I Want To Know What "Boring Adult Stuff" Actually Excites You Now

Nothing — and I mean nothing — compares to a quiet evening alone.

Ever since I slowly crept into my thirties, I've noticed tons of things I used to consider super boring suddenly catch my interest more than ever — like, why am I saying "Ooh! I love that wall sconce!" in a Home Depot?!?

Donald Glover on stage saying that Home Depot is where your dreams go to die

I just got a new set of Tupperware that's not only glass (fancy, I know!) but they also have those lids that snap shut! I'm actually smiling to myself just thinking about that freshness seal. This is what brings me joy in my adult life.

Assorted sizes of empty glass food storage containers on a kitchen counter

I know I'm not alone on this! I'm curious to hear from anyone else over thirty in the BuzzFeed Community — what are the formerly boring things that actually excite you as an adult?

Maybe you get really jazzed when you see gas prices go down by even 10 cents and feel the need to triumphantly fist pump the air as you pump your gas? It never seemed like that big of a deal before, but now you feel especially excited about saving that dime per gallon.

Person refueling a car at a gas station

Or did you used to dread cleaning when it was a part of your chores growing up, but now you look forward to throwing on a podcast and spending a peaceful evening scrubbin' down the baseboards in your home?

Hand in pink gloves cleaning a baseboard with a blue cloth, text reading, this actually gives me soo much dopamine

Perhaps you genuinely enjoy meal prepping for the week, and go feral with glee when you find a recipe online that you already have all the ingredients to make? It's really a feeling of bliss like no other.

Person using a tablet with a recipe on screen while chopping tomatoes on a cutting board

Whatever it is — I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments or through this anonymous form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!