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    21 Alarmingly Out Of Touch Landlords Who Took It Wayyy Too Far

    "No cooking in kitchen." Right. Of course. Silly me.

    You'd never see a "landlord" booth at Career Day because it's NOT an actual job, but landlords have found a way to make plenty of money by working none of the hours. These soul suckers typically own a home already, buy another property, and then charge triple the mortgage to rent it out so they can make a profit AND live for free. Meanwhile, renters live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to keep up with these unnecessarily high living costs.

    Here are 22 screenshots from r/LandlordLove that will give you 22 more reasons to absolutely despise landlords:

    1. There's no way the laughing emoji was necessary:

    letter of eviction with a huge laughing emoji used


    3. This landlord who is so terrible and so caucasian:

    i added a clause in our lease that they are forbidden to cook with any spices that leave smells

    4. This landlord is also terrible, but in a dad kinda way:

    a locked box around the thermostat

    5. This landlord who proved you CAN find affordable housing, as long as you give up luxuries like floors and walls:

    room with unfinished floors and walls for rent for $500 a month

    6. "Well, well, well. How the turn tables."

    person telling their landlord to get a job if they can't afford things with the tenants rent

    7. Speaking of landlords being unemployed — of course they wouldn't realize why someone can't attend a meeting at 3:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.

    notice of a mandatory meeting at 3:30pm on a tuesday

    8. I need the recipe for "garlic spice concoction."

    landlord send a text message of eviction because the tenant cooked with garlic

    9. I hope karma is real, specifically for THIS landlord:

    a landlord listed children as defendants in an eviction. the judge let it slide and so if it goes through the children will have an eviction on their record starting a downward fall for their future

    10. I would like to un-realize this.

    i am the main breadwinner in my landlords family

    11. This guy who totally missed the point:

    tenant sending a photo of the family of rats that got into their bathroom and the landlord responds with, no pets allowed in building

    12. It's the "finally" that hurts most:

    city of LA just lifted their covid ordinance so we can finally enforce the law, rent is due on 1st and late on second

    13. This loose definition of the word "small":

    person says small stakes will be in front of their building but a photos shows that they are huge and tower the building

    14. "Please do not the kitchen."

    please do not cook a big meal in the kitchen because the steam alarm went on many times kitchen is just to eat and warm the food

    15. This landlord who offered $85 off rent for one lucky tenant to kickstart their own lawn care business:

    16. The landlord equivalent to telling a doctor, "It hurts when I do this" and they say, "Well, don't do that."

    landlord tells the tenant they're broke so they can't afford to fix the rotten wooden deck and tells tenant to just not step on it until further notice

    17. This tenant used art to cope with their shitty (LOL) landlord:

    framed text message from the landlord hung about the toilet that reads, not calling the plumber again, please consider adding some fiber to your diet or something

    18. I don't even know where to begin with this frighteningly petty landlord:

    landlord threatening to write a bad review of the tenant on the tenant's employment page because the tenant won't remove a truthful bad review about the rented place

    19. The math is FAR from mathing here:

    landlord wants to charge someone for not moving out before noon on move-out day

    20. This apartment that's cosplaying as a college dorm:

    someone renting out a bed in a room that they would have to share

    21. And finally, here's how landlords see us renters, so never feel bad about roasting them:

    landlord saying a tenant cost them five thousand dollars because they had to fix things that were wrong with the building and then called renters animals