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17 Of The The Absolute Worst DIY Attempts From "Handymen" Who Definitelyyy Should Have Hired Professionals

My personal favorite is the yeehawt tub.

You know what they say, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." But you know what? Even if it IS broken, maybe you still shouldn't fix it. Here are 17 mind-boggling pictures from r/DiWHY of DIY attempts gone sooo wrong:

1. This person's garage was too small to fit their car, so the next step was, of course, to make a Kitchen Hole™:

car crashed into a kitchen

2. This EXTRA above ground pool:

above ground pool placed on top of a deck

3. This super secure stage:

stage foundation is just stacked bricks

4. This, uh, shower:

faucet tied to wires and hanging by the ceiling

5. This DIY microwave that feels...unsafe:

fork in a heater with onion rings attached

6. This gaming chair that's on its last leg:

wood base added to a gaming chair

7. This duct tape enthusiast:

leather couch covered in duct tape

8. Even though this looks like a 4th-grade art project, couches are expensive so I sorta get it:

tiled patchwork on the sofa

9. Actually, I changed my mind. I draw the line at the jouch:

sofa patched up with old jeans

10. This guy DIY'ed a little too close to the sun when he decided to tile his outdoor stairs, because this looks awful:

stairs with janky tiles

11. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the yeehawt tub:

hot tub is the bed of a truck

12. This surrealist take on a modern door:

top of the door frame is on top of the ceiling

13. This urinal has gotta be a staple of the bathroom in every mojo dojo casa house:

handles to a motorcylce put above a urinal

14. This shower that's attached to an electrical outlet is super crafty, but that doesn't mean it's good...or safe:

pipe attached to an outlet

15. Whoever thought of this design had to be stoned at the time:

stone covered toilet and sink in a bathroom

16. At least you'll never forget to water your plants in this garden shower:

garden inside a bath tub

17. And finally, this attempt to beat the heat:

window unit AC attached to a car