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These Women Tried To Orgasm In Three Minutes Using The Womanizer And Holy O-Face It Was Amazing

"Things have changed since the old days of hands."

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According to a study by Brown University, it takes the average woman 10–20 minutes to orgasm. That's all fine and dandy... but what if you could get there in just three? Time is a precious thing, so we decided to try out "The Womanizer" to see if we could reach orgasm quicker:

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Plus, it's approved by a urologist and sexual health specialist (so you know it's legit). Meet sexpert and all-'round goddess Dr. Jennifer Berman:

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She explained that having an orgasm releases "feel good neurochemicals" in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. So basically, go forth and orgasm!

The lucky subjects trying it out were Rachel, Nico, and Izzy. All three women had varying experiences with masturbation. Niko was intrigued by the whole "using something to help ya" thing:

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