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Which 2017-2018 PEMCo Producer Are You?

This year's all-female PEMCo producer team wants to think they run the world, but also hopes they're ~relatable.~ Find out which producer you're most like by taking this quiz!

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  1. What is your drink of choice?

    Diet Coke (but you're trying to quit)
    Pibb Xtra, 1/4 cup ice
    Starbucks Vanilla Latte
    Arizona Green Tea/Peach Tea (gotta work around the Huddle's selection)
  2. What is one thing you wish you said less often?

    I lied
    It's v lit I'm so shook
    I'm Katie, that's Kelsey
    Starting every convo with the person's name and an exclamation point
  3. What is one thing you wish you said MORE often?

    Conundrum (criminally underused)
    Starting every convo with the person's name and an exclamation point
  4. Describe yourself with the title of a showtune

    Dancing through Life
    All the Wasted Time
    Didn't I See This Movie??
  5. Which Hogwarts house would you be in?

  6. Pick a favorite class

    Script Analysis
    Intro to American Studies
    History of Tudor England
    Girls' Media and Cultural Analysis
  7. Which fictional character would you get along with really well?

    Liz Lemon
    Winston Bishop
    Ann Perkins (you've both been called racially ambiguous)
    Nick Miller
  8. Which city would you love to live in?

    New York (you'll deal with the dirt, the heat, the noise)
  9. What is your fav thing to eat in the dining hall?

    Mandarin Oranges (s/o Ryan Jones)
    Chicken Popper Bowl
    Veggie Burgers (vegetarianism not required to enjoy)
    Mozzarella Sticks
  10. How would your friends describe you?

    Overcommitted and sleep deprived
    No question, savage
    Insane but in a good way
    Not nearly as funny as she thinks she is

Which 2017-2018 PEMCo Producer Are You?

You got: Kelsey

G bless, it's v lit! You probably love cheesy jokes and have an overly high opinion of your own sense of humor. Your laugh may have been described in the past as "piercing" but you don't let that stop you. You're the one to go to for any sort of pop culture reference or for a shoulder to cry on because you'll probably be crying too, RIP. You're pretty chill until someone beats you in a game you thought you were good at, which you take as a personal offense. Overall, you're self-deprecating 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the time you're confused with Katie.

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You got: Brynn

This is awesome! If anyone needs a set or their spirits built up, you're the one to help. Your energy is contagious, and you never fail to find a positive spin on things. You're strong enough to resist the pull of Diet Coke (for now) and probably think puppets are super cool and not at all scary. You've shattered all the Arts and Letters stereotypes by dabbling in both Theatre and Accounting, and everyone knows that they can always a-ccount on you to do basically anything well. Overall, you've got all the best Slytherin traits and your optimism can trump(et) any obstacle.

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You got: Denise

Yas, werk! It's a miracle you even had time to take this quiz in between all of the activities you do. In fact, you're so involved that you probably have a hard time keeping your GroupMe messages straight sometimes. You love just love dancing, and have probably been known to display insane flexibility when impressed/excited by something. You heighten the energy of any room you're in, and you never miss an opportunity to Flirty. Overall, you're always working hard but you make it look so easy that no one would ever think you're ~climbing uphill.~

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You got: Katie

This is crazy. You are queen of the savages (in a good way). You're the type of person who could work at a museum devoted to baseball and somehow find a way to meet Stephen Sondheim in the process. You know how to fix problems, and can always find a life preserver when something starts sinking. You're only aggressive when you need to be, and you could probably name every musical ever made. Overall, you're the kind of person anyone would ask to make a speech and any party you attend is *your* party.

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