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    30 Spongebob Gifs That Describe Your First Semester At College

    Are you ready kids?

    1. Ah, the first week of the semester. So exciting and full of promise. Walking into it, you probably looked a little something like this...

    2. And with new classes, people, and the freedom to call your professor by their first name, sitting in class felt a little something like this...

    3. And your first thought in the dining hall was, this isn't so bad

    4. And when you finally make that first friend because you both collectively hate someone or something

    5. And getting that first paper done had you feeling like

    6. And that first college party had you like

    7. But the next morning had you feeling a little something like this...

    8. And then Sunday came and you realized you didn't do anything that you said you were going to do all weekend

    9. So your Sunday night(s) looked a little something like this...

    10. ...and then you started having those days when you'd walk into to class and wouldn't have the assignment or weren't prepared to take the test that day

    11. So then came your first all-nighter

    12. ...And then your second...

    13. And soon walking into class was a little more like this...

    14. And when you actually could sleep, you couldn't cause the rest of your building was just TOO DAMN LOUD.

    15. And then after you realized how sucky the dining hall food actually was, you became a regular at your local take-out place

    16. And then you got real familiar with late night eating

    17. And when parents weekend came, all you wanted was a home cooked meal

    18. And you enjoyed every last bit of it

    19. And they came just in time too, cause looking for cash was like

    20. But you knew it wasn't going to be too long before Thanksgiving break and you could eat ALL THE FOOD

    21. But you had to get through midterms first

    22. And when you got back from break, you lost all motivation, so writing essay became a little more like this

    23. but finally getting it done felt like this

    24. And before you knew it, it was already time to start preparing for finals...

    25. Which wasn't too bad because you were starting to feel homesick from your BFFs anyway

    26. And even though you hoped you looked like this...

    27. really looked like this

    28. But you somehow survived finals physically, but emotionally you were dead inside

    29. And by the end of the semester, you felt a little something like this

    30. Can't wait for round two!!!