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    Did You Forget About All These Famous People That Were In 21 Jump Street? Cause SAME.

    Welcome to Jump Street, bitches.

    First off we have to talk about Brie Larson who was Jonah Hill's love interest and Dave Franco's girlfriend.

    That's right, before she was winning Oscars for getting locked in rooms she was just another pretty face in this hilarious comedy.

    Next we of course had Nick Offerman who played the funny Deputy Chief at the police station Jonah and Channing worked at, at the beginning of the movie.

    Then once the pair was reassigned to Jump Street, they had a couple of co-workers who they rarely worked with- but wait, is that DAKOTA JOHNSON FROM 50 SHADES OF GREY?!?

    Yep with her blonde hair and the lack of Christian Grey in the shot, you probably didn't recognize her.

    Afterwards, the dynamic duo get their first undercover job and are sent to investigate a drug problem at a school where they the principal who just happens to be.. Jake Johnson

    A.k.a... Nick from New Girl. Weird not seeing him in the loft or working behind a bar.

    You also probably didn't notice Channing's science teacher, who was totally crushing on him the entire movie, was The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Elle Kemper.

    The ending of this movie was so crazy, you probably didn't notice that the man who was saving Jonah and Channing was Johnny Depp!

    Unfortunately, his character was shot and killed but his death will not be in vain.

    Well, there you have it, all the random famous people that you probably missed back in 2012. It really does pay off to watch movies a second time around.