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Did You Forget About All These Famous People That Were In 21 Jump Street? Cause SAME.

Welcome to Jump Street, bitches.

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That's right, before she was winning Oscars for getting locked in rooms she was just another pretty face in this hilarious comedy.

Scott Garfield

Jonah Hill and Brie Larson in "21 Jump Street," also starring Channing Tatum.

Then once the pair was reassigned to Jump Street, they had a couple of co-workers who they rarely worked with- but wait, is that DAKOTA JOHNSON FROM 50 SHADES OF GREY?!?

Scott Garfield

L-r, Rye Rye, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Dakota Johnson, Valerie Tienin Columbia Pictures' "21 Jump Stree."

Well, there you have it, all the random famous people that you probably missed back in 2012. It really does pay off to watch movies a second time around.

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