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22 Reasons Why The 1975 Should Be Your New Favorite Band

I couldn't think of 1,975 reasons but I was close. (1+9+7+5=22)

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The 1975 are one of the most talked about bands of 2016.

MTV / Via

And for good reason! The British pop group are constantly producing innovative art, video, and graphic content that is as versatile as their music. The 1975 attribute their impressively encompassing sound to a long and diverse list of influencers. Self aware and often somber lyrics complicate their music and leave fans around the world wanting more. The band is now beginning the second leg of their European tour and they don't show any sign of slowing down come the new year. If you aren't already an avid fan, check out these reasons to watch The 1975.

1. First and foremost, their music is banging.

indiecheerbleu / Via

The crazy talented band was selling out gigs in the UK before they even released their first, self-titled album The 1975. Sophomore album, I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it shot to number one in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

2. The band mates are also best friends.


Matty, George, Adam, and Ross have been best friends and bandmates since they joined forces at the age of 13. They also tour with a bunch of people they knew growing up including saxophonist, John Waugh.

4. The bands live show is basically an art installation.

The Odyssey / Via

The current incarnation of their set plays with color and movement using the signature, simple rectangle shape the band has become known for. The band and their light designer, Tobias G. Rylander recently won the prestigious Aryton Award for their James Turrell inspired set design.

5. Their music videos are innovative and artistic.

Interscope Records / Via giphy

From the black and white music videos of their first album to new videos like "Love Me" that scream in technicolor, the 1975 are always showcasing their creativity and vision in their music videos.

6. They challenge gender norms.

The 1975 / Via

Frontman Matty Healy has said himself that he is not "the manliest man." Playing with his look and donning make-up is one of the ways the singer and guitarist challenges social expectations and expresses himself.

7. The 1975's lyrics are pure post-modern poetry.

Matty Healy / Via instagram

Matty Healy pours his soul into every song he writes and fans love the self-aware, relatable, and sophisticated way he plays with words. Healy can make you want to laugh, cry, and dance your ass off in the course of a single song.

8. Their genre benders.

smellslikexocolate / Via

The 1975 always say they create music in the same way they consume music. The group refuses to limit their sound by operating within one genre and instead draws influence from music of all different styles when sculpting their own songs.

10. The boys are dedicated to their fans. / Via

The band is always making time to meet their fans at pop up shops and at shows. Their manager, Jamie Oborne, also frequently interacts with fans on twitter.

11. They are fearless fashion icons. / Via

The bandmates can pull off any look and are frequently seen wearing eccentric sweaters, killer coats, and strapping suits.

12. The 1975 have won tons of awards. / Via Twitter: @Truman_Black

The 1975 went from winning are the NME's "Worst Band" Award in 2014 to NME Best Album in 2016. They've also won a Q Award and were nominated for a Mercury Prize. Recently, TIME named pounding pop track "The Sound" the second best song of 2016.

13. Their merch is amazing.

the 1975 / Via

The 1975 have been releasing a new t-shirt every week with prints of their track artwork. They also add fun collectible items for a limited time like this pre-election tee and a shirt featuring one the bands previous names Drive Like I Do.

14. They support fellow artists.

Huge love to @070shake and all the 070s we will miss you massively. Truly original. Real people. Real conviction ❤️❤️

The 1975 showcase amazing talent on tour by inviting along awesome artists like brooding Brit Amber Bain's The Japanese House as well as New York hip-hop collective 070 Shake and the indie pop group Wet.

16. They have a dog!

twitter / Via

Matty has brought his adorable dog (named after poet Allen Ginsburg) to shows and festivals in the past. The pup also makes appearances on the bandmates instagrams and snapchats.

17. They are LGBTQ allies. / Via Instagram

The band began incorporating their support of the LGBTQ community into their set design following the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in June in remembrance of the victims. The group does not shy away from discussing LGBTQ issues on stage or in their lyrics. As a result, haunting track "Loving Someone" has become an LGTBQ anthem.

18. Their instrumental tracks are wild.

The 1975 / Via Instagram

Drummer George Daniel and Matty Healy have incredible ears for producing music as evidenced in each song on the new album but especially on synth dream jams like "Please Be Naked."

19. The 1975 played a live show with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

BBCR 1 / Via

During this perfect storm of a show, The 1975's modern musicality was translated into symphonic bliss. The band played popular hits and even a Justin Bieber cover with the incredible BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to close out the first leg of their UK tour.

20. They are funny and have fun. / Via

The 1975 may have increasingly busy careers but they always seem to have fun together. Case in point, at their halloween show in Pittsburgh this year every member of the band and crew dressed as a Star Wars character. (Mega-talented Bassist Ross MacDonald is under that mask.)

22. The 1975 have conviction.

The 1975 show conviction and passion in every aspect of their image from music videos to color aesthetics. The band has refused to sacrifice their artistic expression and this has allowed for the creative innovation that brought us show stopping, self-aware singles like "Love Me" on the same album as acoustic, emotional roller coasters like "She Lays Down."

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