17 Teeny Tiny Necklaces For Your Inner Scientist

Beautiful things come in small packages.

1. This cute as a button bacteriophage necklace.


By somersault1824, £70.69.

2. This dainty dinosaur necklace.

By Hannah Run, £17.22.

3. This ohm-azing little omega necklace.

By Little English Jewelry, £13.03.

4. This little wooden infinity sign necklace.

By StudioRavenscraig, £15.

5. This scaled down Saturn necklace.

By The Eleventh Spirit, £18.81.

6. This sweet serotonin molecule necklace.

By MagnificoJewel, £26.77.

7. This itty-bitty nudibranch necklace.

By indolentjellyfish, £28.22.

8. This gorgeously geometric polyhedron necklace.

By Eclectic Eccentricity, £18.

9. This wonderful little water molecule necklace.


By KahiliCreations, £43.20,

10. This teeny tiny geode necklace.

By northernroots, £28.44.

11. This microscopic microscope necklace.

By EnchantedLeaves, £11.51.

13. This brilliant neuron necklace.

By The Molecule Shop, £21.59.

14. This miniature moon phase necklace.

By AlejandraGiannoni, £43.82.

15. This delightful DNA necklace.

By TeomanDesign, £24.48.

16. This remarkable dinosaur eggshell necklace.

By WeTheSciencey, £25.91.

17. This perfect Pleiades necklace.

By OnceUponASine, £25.19.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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