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    23 Times "Harry Potter" Totally Got Your Secondary School Problems

    "Yer representing the school, Harry."

    1. When your teachers make up ridiculous rules because they can.

    2. When you get a stern talk before being let off the coach on a school trip.

    3. When your teacher gets all cryptic instead of giving you a straight answer.

    4. When nobody else volunteers so the teacher picks on you.

    5. When a new teacher is taking the assembly and it's painful to watch.

    6. When you're representing the school.

    7. When you have that one teacher who ~doesn't play by the rules~.

    8. When you have to go give a message to a teacher in the staff room.

    9. When you thought of a witty response to a teacher's question, but only 10 minutes later after you'd already got detention.

    10. When there's a dog running loose on the playing fields and you have to tell everyone immediately.

    11. When you accidentally open the bunsen burner all the way in science class.

    12. When your teacher isn't mad, they're just disappointed.

    13. When yet another craze is banned.

    14. When there's an Ofsted inspection and your teacher pretends to be enthusiastic about taking your class.

    15. And then the inspector asks you what you think of the subject they're teaching.

    16. When you're about to ask for permission for something but you don't even get as far as opening your mouth.

    17. When it's non-uniform day and you're the only one who's made an effort.

    18. When you have to pretend to be outraged when the teacher accuses you of something you did actually do.

    19. When you meet your friend's weird parents for the first time.

    20. When you have one teacher who hates your entire year group for no good reason.

    21. When you come out of an exam and everyone's discussing answers and you realise you got everything wrong.

    22. When you trash all your school stuff on the very last day of the year.

    23. When the PE teacher gives you a pep talk on the day of the Bleep Test.