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23 Pictures That Prove Cornwall Is The Only Place To Be In Spring

Clear blue sea, empty beaches, and so many colourful flowers.

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1. The Cornish coast starts coming back to life again in the spring.

Instagram: @kaek_guy

3. Making the dramatic coastline even more beautiful.

Instagram: @jood_raw

4. All the gardens are a riot of colour.

Instagram: @cer851

5. The sea is still freezing, but it's also so damn blue.

Instagram: @jowanhill

6. You can get a beach ice cream without contending with the summer crowds.

Instagram: @noemigocsi

7. And your four-legged friends are probably still allowed on the beach, too.

Instagram: @healthy_living_cornwall

8. It might be kind of windy, but you can feel the weather changing and summer on its way.

Instagram: @taritmenna

9. Maybe you'll even have the beach to yourself.

Instagram: @leighsanches

10. Tourist attractions are much less busy than usual, but still 100% worth a visit.

Instagram: @tj_nofixedaddress

11. You might even spot a seal pup or two.

Instagram: @tour_cornwall

12. And you could still catch some dramatic waves.

Instagram: @1st_jack

13. It's the perfect time of year to enjoy a hot doughnut on your walk.

Instagram: @msclaire_oxley

14. Or, of course, a cornish pasty.

Instagram: @omyengland

15. You can sit outside, but it's not too hot to enjoy a proper Cornish cream tea.

Instagram: @sadie1beth2

16. And if the sun's out it'll even be warm enough to enjoy a pint of ale outside, too.

Instagram: @dmhort23

17. You'll see lots of bluebells out in the woods.

Instagram: @heligangardens

18. And blossom trees leaving candy-coloured confetti everywhere.

Instagram: @teacupboats

19. And the ferns are all coiled up ready to unfurl.

Instagram: @nicholaronchetti

20. In fact, even on a grey spring day towns like St Ives look beautiful.

Instagram: @jingjang863

21. But when the sun is shining, everyone gets just a little bit happier. Even the local cats.

22. So be quick and enjoy it before the summer crowds arrive.

Instagram: @rhodsonpt

23. Because nothing beats Cornwall in the spring.

Instagram: @supersalv