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    These No-Mess Coloring Books Are The Easiest Way To Entertain Your Kids

    The Water Wow! marker and coloring book keeps the color on the page.

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    Do you remember those Color Wonder markers — the markers that only show their colors when rubbed on the special Color Wonder paper?

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    They were a game-changer.


    Revolutionary, people. Revolutionary.

    But the times just get better. The people who work in children’s creative tools sat down and were like, "If cars can drive themselves, we can certainly do one step better in the children’s marker arena."

    And then they did. Specifically, the folks at Melissa & Doug created Water Wow!, a marker that uses no chemical liquid of any kind, but instead is filled with water — which you refill after each use — and it DOES NOT HAVE A CAP!

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    Why would anyone ever give caps to little people in the first place?? Children live to discard caps! Into the toilet, under the couch, deep into your heating vent — they live to see things placed where they should not be placed. And not only do these little caps wreak havoc on your home, their loss also ensures that markers dry out and become unusable. So when the caps are gone, you are spending more money to buy another set.

    But now? The jig is up, kids. We are no longer at the mercy of those tiny pieces of plastic. Parents: 1, Toddlers: 0.

    ABC / Via

    (All parents know that is the only way to play a game with toddlers: Make sure you come out on top.)

    Outside of the obvious and revolutionary magical marker, the design of the books themselves is also brilliant.

    Kelly Green / Via BuzzFeed

    The coloring book is composed of super-thick, spiral bound pages — meaning these pages aren’t coming apart, even if your kid puts it through the ringer. As if it couldn’t get better than that, the books are reusable to the nth degree. Right after your child swipes the little water marker across the pages and they flip to the next page, the first page BEGINS TO DRY AND TURNS BACK TO COLORLESS — until it meets the water marker again and changes to color, like magic.

    The books are available in a variety themes (like Vehicles, Farm, and Under the Sea), the better to stave off boredom — particularly on long flights and any other time you need to park your kids in front of a low-mess distraction.

    Water Wow! also has a devoted following among Amazon reviewers:

    "A friend of mine gave this to my 2-year-old as a gift and he loved it. Naturally I took to Amazon and bought a few more. This product is brilliant. My son 'paints' with nothing but water, and the best part is that these books are reusable. Not sure how long the books will last, but as of now, we’ve used each of these books at least a dozen times and there appears to be plenty of life left. Also, gives mom about 15 minutes of silence while my son joyfully paints the pages into a colorful masterpiece. Two thumbs up!" —Stellar29

    "These watercolor books captivate all of my preschool-age grandchildren. I give each of them a real watercolor brush and a container of water, just the way I would do with a real watercolor, and they have a grand time learning to manipulate an artist's brush. The books are sturdy and they dry quickly and are then reusable. The kids seem to like doing them over and over." —J. Todd

    "I'll be buying all of these shortly — only got two for a first-time plane trip with a nearly 3-year-old who absolutely LOVED these. They entertained him on several occasions throughout a 5.5-hour flight for at least an hour and a half of that time. Best used at takeoff and landing to distract from being belted in. The pages dry quickly enough that the kids can 'paint' their way through the book, move to book number two, and then come back to book number when done." —Lukas Blakk

    So let me get this straight, you might be saying to yourself. No chance of mess, no chance of the book coming apart at the seams, and reusable for…forever?

    Disney / Via

    Yes, friends. Your kid can pack that sucker up and take it to college, when it comes time.

    Also, they’re a measly $5 each. Go buy three.

    Get a pack of two or three from Amazon for $9.99 or $14.50 or one from Walmart for $4.74.

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