Natural Curl Girls: Nicole Kidman's Curls Are SO RAD

Re-trend request: She's a glam lady of the silver screen now, but Nicole Kidman's hair used to have such whimsy and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants attitude.

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Oh, GIRL. You're young and carefree, and your hair is as wild as your yet-to-be-written future could be. It's the '80s, and your hair is so THEN, and so YOU.

Patrick Riviere, Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Bring back the magic, if only every once in a while!

Like many modern-day icons and too many boy bands, you've fallen victim to the flat iron.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment

Très chic—but please consider visiting from time to time, original curls! Oh! The wild, rollicking times you could still have ahead of you!

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