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12 Highly Accurate Reasons Cereal Is So Much More Than Breakfast

This is no longer up for debate.

1. Let's start with the obvious: Cereal is highly convenient.

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2. And very time efficient.

3. Cereal is versatile.

Pouring cereal into a bowl... PLOT TWIST ...of yoghurt.

4. It dirties almost no dishes.

5. And it's the perfect food for people who prefer snacking to square meals.

6. Not to mention the fact that spending all your free time cooking will reduce the time you spend on other, more meaningful hobbies, like woodcarving or surfing.

7. Eating cereal NOT for breakfast proves you're mature.

8. And cereal can't be just for breakfast when it makes such a great snack.

9. Not to mention a delicious treat.

10. It's even easy to take on the go.

11. Cereal is also one of the few foods that's also a beverage.

12. Cereal also has the nostalgia factor, and you just don't get that with other foods.

13. Lastly, if #BrunchCulture means we can have pancakes at half past two, cereal definitely deserves to be eaten at all times of the day.

TL;DR it's always an appropriate time for cereal.

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