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    Stephanie Mills Destroyed Us In NBC's "The Wiz"

    She's still got it, y'all.

    Stephanie Mills starred as Dorothy in The Wiz on Broadway back in 1975. Forty years later she returned to the production, this time as Auntie Em in NBC's live version Thursday night.

    Stephanie Mills now (as Auntie Em) and then (as Dorothy).

    EVERYONE agreed that she still has it.

    Stephanie Mills got this thing started. She's still got it!!! #TheWiz

    @PrettyMill1 I love you!!!! You have a wonderful gift. It's always a pleasure to hear you sing. God Bless

    There's some great talent on #TheWiz, but aint nobody's voice has come remotely close to that of Stephanie Mills! Just sayin

    Some viewers were just excited to see her back on stage.


    #TheWiz Stephanie Mills has a wonderful voice😍

    Others just wanted to remember her young brilliance.

    Can we all just take a moment and realize that Stephanie Mills was 17 years old when she opened #TheWiz on Broadway?

    Stephanie Mills!!!! #TheWiz #TheWizLive

    Stephanie Mills still got it! Remember when she was Michael Jackson's bae? #TheWizLive

    All hail Stephanie Mills!