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    You Need To Listen To This Kanye West-Weezer Mashup Album

    "Through The Hills" is gonna be your jam.

    Like all good things, the idea for Alex Hodowanec’s Kanye West-Weezer mashup album started as a joke.

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    According to the album’s description, the 19-year-old Ohio State sophomore created the project “solely” to bring the pun “Yeezer” to life.

    Chuckie Nugget / Alex Hodowanec

    The album description reads: "A mashup album created solely based around the pun of 'Yeezer.' Hope you enjoy!"

    He started with “Through The Hills,” which is mashup of Kanye’s debut single, “Through The Wire,” and Weezer’s 2005 hit, “Beverly Hills” and then proceeded to make an album’s worth of Weezer-West mashups.

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    Because, as he told, “Once that first song clicked, I thought, you might as well just go for nine more, right?”

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    Listen to Yeezer in full now!