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11 Music Videos That Will Make You Feel High AF

Who needs drugs when YouTube exists?

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1. The Chemical Brothers, "Let Forever Be"

Year: 1999

Director: Michel Gondry

Trippiest moment: When the kaleidoscope comes to life at 1:52.

Between the crazy camera work, complicated DIY sets, and not-quite-identical body doubles, there’s enough going on in this video to trip-out even the most sober viewer.

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2. Childish Gambino, "Sweatpants (ft. Problem)"


Year: 2014

Director: Hiro Murai

Trippiest moment: When Donald Glover sees two of his doppelgängers making out at 2:02.

Part Goundhog Day, part Invasion Of The Body Snatches, this clip is like one of those slow, creeping highs — surprisingly intense.

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3. Cibo Matto, "Sugar Water"

Year: 1996

Director: Michel Gondry

Trippiest moment: Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori finally cross paths at 1:52.

This intricate, split-screen video is a visual palindrome; almost nothing about the viewing experience would change if you watched it in reverse. If that doesn’t get you at least a little buzzed, I don’t know what will.

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4. Blockhead, "The Music Scene"

Ninja Tune

Year: 2010

Director: Anthony F. Schepperd

Trippiest moment: When the evil screen starts melting nature into technicolor ribbons at 1:08.

An abstract fable about the dangers of technology, “The Music Scene” video aims to expand the viewer’s consciousness through trippy, technicolored imagery.

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5. Drake, "Energy"

Year: 2015

Director: Fleur & Manu

Trippiest moment: The animated Drake barbie doll at 1:44.

You're not being paranoid — everyone in this video has the Six God's face.

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6. FKA twigs, "Glass & Patron"

FKA twigs

Year: 2015

Director: FKA twigs

Trippiest moment: When twigs starts giving birth to scarves at 0:55.

A mesmerizing surreal video, "Glass & Patron" features a massively pregnant twigs giving birth to herself, some dancers, and a series of scarves, before voguing on a private stage in the middle of the woods.

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7. Tame Impala, "Mind Mischief"

Year: 2013

Director: David Wilson

Trippiest moment: The car drifting through space at 3:22.

To paraphrase comedian Chris Gethard’s bit about molly: for about 35 minutes nothing happens and then, suddenly, everything happens.

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8. M83, "Wait"

The Creators Project

Year: 2012

Director: Fleur & Manu

Trippiest moment: The creation montage at 4:07.

The Fleur & Manu-directed clip is a hallucinatory genesis story about a young boy-slash-triangle who jets through space and maybe brings organic matter into existence? It's unclear, but what the video lacks in narrative clarity it makes up for in dreamlike visuals.

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9. Björk, "Lionsong"

Year: 2015

Director: Björk and Inez & Vinoodh

Trippiest moment: When everything starts happening all at once at 3:28.

You know that moment when you look at your friend and suddenly they look like a sparkly dandelion? No? Well, you will after you watch this phantasmic video.

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10. A$AP Rocky, "L$D (LOVE x $EX x DREAMS)"


Year: 2015

Director: Dexter Navy

Trippiest moment: When A$AP Rocky stares at the sparkly chandelier at 2:26.

Fortunately for A$AP Rocky, the music video for "L$D" lives up to its title. Directed by Dexter Navy, the clip is five straight minutes of slurry, saturated visuals that closely approximate the feeling of being high AF.

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11. Air, "Sing Sang Sung"

Year: 2009

Director: Petra Mrkyz & François Moriceau

Trippiest moment: The rainbow loop-the-loop at 2:33.

This beginners-friendly clip is a pleasant, pastel-colored trip through a shapeshifting dreamscape. Nothing ominous or threatening here, just a jaunty little black ball and some genuinely mind-bending animation.

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