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This Instagram Account Makes Iconic Album Covers Into Classical Art

Artist Eisen Bernardo's "Album+Art" project will make you see your faves in a new light.

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Music fans and art history majors unite!

Illustrator Eisen Bernardo has created a new Instagram project that will appeal to pop stans and classical art nerds equally.

Eisen Bernardo / Via

If you've spent any time on art Tumblr, you've probably seen images from Bernardo's popular Mag+Art project, which mashes up magazine covers with scenes painted by artists like Botticelli, Ingres, Klimt, and Picasso.

Eisen Bernardo / Via

Recently, however, the Filipino artist has started a new project called Album+Art, which is exactly what it sounds like: album covers merged with classical masterpieces. It's pretty great!

Country singer Eric Church as the farmer in Grant Wood's American Gothic? Yes, please!

Eisen Bernardo / Via Instagram: @albumplusart

Britney Spears as a lady in Vittorio Reggianini's La Soirée? Gimme, gimme more!

Eisen Bernardo / Via

Beyoncé done up Albert Joseph Moore style? **Flawless.

Eisen Bernardo / Via

Drake plus An Irritable Appeal by John Bagnold Burgess? Nothing was the same.

Eisen Bernardo / Via

Check out albumplusart on Instagram for more iconic mashups!