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11 Music Festival Dos And Don'ts

How to make the most out of your festival experience, according to artists and attendees at this year's Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City.

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1. Genre-bending dance duo Big Gigantic think preparation is key and substances should be avoided if you want to have a good festival experience.

Dominic Lalli: "Do: Rage!

Don't: Do drugs."

Jeremy Salken: "Do: Your homework.

Don't: Bring bad vibes."

2. Festival-goer Erin wants you to be practical — create a realistic schedule and make a plan for when your phone inevitably dies.

Kristin Harris / Buzzfeed

"Don't: Stress over trying to see everything.

Do: Pick a place to meet your friends because your phone probably won't work."


8. Portland-based rockers Priory think a good night's sleep, a paced drinking schedule, and good friends are all you need to have a good time.

Kelly Dunlap/ Buzzfeed

Brandon Rush: "[Do] get rest the night before.

Don't start drinking until the third or fourth band."

Kyle Sears: "[Do:] Friends!

[Don't:] Shitty friends"

11. Festival-goers Monique and Stephanie want you to eat good and stay safe, but avoid cliches like crowdsurfing and flower crowns.

Monique: "[Do:] Eat good"

Stephanie: "[Do:] Have a meet up spot if you get separated from friends."

Monique: "[Don't:] Crowd surf"

Stephanie: "No flower crowns."