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    "Sons Of Anarchy" Covered "The Age Of Aquarius" And It's Actually Mesmerizing

    The FX drama's house band revamps the Hair classic.

    You already love SOA for its leather-bound mix of violence, drama and Charlie Hunnam's bare ass. But, over seven seasons, the show has also become known for its bold musical experiments.

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    Under the guidance of music supervisor Bob Thiele, the Sons of Anarchy house band, The Forest Rangers, has been churning out a series of excellent classic rock covers, including "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Sitting On Top Of The World."

    The SOA band's latest unlikely cover is a subdued, slightly menacing version of “Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In" from the Hair soundtrack. It will air during the fifth episode of the show’s final season, “Some Strange Eruption,” on Tuesday, October 7.

    "This taps into some serious and pungent memories for me," Thiele tells BuzzFeed, "I remember seeing the original cast perform the show on Broadway in 1969!"

    While The Forest Rangers pay tribute to the original with their psychedelic instrumentation, vocalists Joshua James and Billy Valentine help bend the song into a 21st-century backyard bonfire jam.

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    "Joshua is such an amazing singer and musician," Thiele explains, "someone who joined the fold back in season three's opening episode when he gave us his take on the Herman's Hermits hit, 'No Milk Today.'" As for Valentine, who has also contributed to the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack in the past, Thiele is effusive: "great, amazing, not to be believed."

    As for what the song reveals about the ongoing drama, Thiele is a little more coy.

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    "The moon may in fact be in the seventh house and jupiter could be aligning with Mars," but he cautions, "that may not bode well for our favorite MCs and Gemma Morrow. I don't know if the Age Of Aquarius is dawning, but what was yesterday in Charming and its environs is not, to borrow a phrase, the same as it ever was."

    Watch Sons of Anarchy on FX Tuesday, October 7 at 10 p.m. to hear the song in action.