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Drop Everything: Psy Released Two Insane New Music Videos

The king of YouTube defends his crown with "Daddy" and "Napal Baji."

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Heeeeey, sexy lady! Good news: K-pop sensation and literal internet-breaker Psy is back with two completely batshit new music videos.

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The music video for the singer’s hit “Gangnam Style” is still the most-watched video on YouTube with over 2.4 billion views.

The first video, “Daddy,” is the weirder of the two.

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The song is also catchy AF. Good luck getting the "I got it from my daddy" hook out of your head!

The second video, “Napal Baji,” is less weird than "Daddy" but still pretty unhinged.

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There’s also a interlude where he’s pushed out of life-sized version of a child’s barrel toy. Because, of course there is!

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