Premiere: CRUISR's "All Over" Video Brings Iconic Movie Posters To Life

    Watch it now, exclusively on BuzzFeed.

    Meet CRUISR, the indie-pop band from Philadelphia responsible for your new favorite song, "All Over."

    In September they released their second EP, All Over, and now they're debuting the title track's music video here on BuzzFeed.

    The animated clip brings the song's theme of love/hate relationships to life by recreating iconic movie scenes. The video mixes moments between lovers and enemies until it's hard to tell the difference.

    "A lot of the fun came in finding the right balance of love and chaos to represent such a volatile relationship." director Chris Carboni told BuzzFeed in an email. "I knew I wanted to echo the idea of constantly cycling back and forth between these two extremes by having continuous transitions - no cuts - which resulted in a lot of work on both the design and animation end. Every shot had to be constructed to blend into the next."

    The stark, stylized video looks like a series of minimalist movie posters brought to life.

    Test your film knowledge by watching the full video now!

    You can purchase the three-song All Over EP here.