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    Posted on Mar 11, 2015

    Premiere: Bobby Brackins Vibes With Zendaya And Jeremih In "My Jam" Video

    The trio take their club anthem to the streets of Puerto Rico.

    Spring doesn’t officially start for another week, but Bobby Brackins has already set his sights on summer with his latest single "My Jam."

    Tycoon Status Ent.
    Tycoon Status Ent.

    The track, a collaboration with fellow Bay Area native Zendaya and Chicago R&B star Jeremih, is a great laid-back party anthem that sounds like the best summer nights feel — airy, easy-going, and a little sexy.

    Tycoon Status Ent.

    "When I knew I was going to keep the song for myself the first person I thought of to be featured on it with me was Zendaya." Brackins told BuzzFeed Music in an email. "Shortly thereafter I approached Jeremih about the record and the pieces to the puzzle came together nicely.

    The Disney star was equally excited about working with Brackins, telling BuzzFeed Music: "I've known him since I was 12 and he's like a big brother to me. We have a great time in studio and we just make good music."

    For the video, premiering on BuzzFeed, the trio brought their club-ready jam to the streets of Puerto Rico.

    Tycoon Status Ent.

    “I wanted the video to feel real and organic," Brackins explained, "not staged or scripted and I feel we accomplished that.”

    Get in on the good vibes by watching the full "My Jam" video now.

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    "My Jam" is available now on iTunes.