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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    Enya Heard You Were Stressed Out And Released A Soothing New Song To Help

    Take a break and listen to "Echoes In Rain."

    Let’s be real: today sucks.

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    You've probably got a student loan payment due and you forget about that one super important work thing and your friend from college just cancelled on you for the third time in a row because she's "tired" or some shit.

    Or, maybe, you've got a term paper due and your computer is broken and you just realized that everyone you love is going to die one day.

    (Like, every last one of them.)

    Either way, the point is life is hard and stressful.

    If only there were a way to turn everything off and drift into spiritually peaceful plane for a couple of minutes. You only need, at max, like, three minutes and thirty-five seconds of inner peace to get you through to the end of this day.

    Fortunately, Enya sensed things weren’t going well for you and chose today to release "Echoes In Rain," her first new song since 2008.

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    It is classic Enya in that is almost virtually indistinguishable from every other Enya songs. And, no, that's not a criticism — Enya's music derives its strength from the fact that it all blurs into a single, hypnotically perfect audioscape. When you listen to Enya you escape to some impossibly relaxed other realm where there are no anxieties and time moves at the speed of molasses. If you easily could tell when one Enya song ended and another began, it would defeat the whole purpose.

    Thank you, Enya.

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    We needed this.