Premiere: NONONO’s “One Wish” Video Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

    The Swedish pop trio is back with a moving new music video, premiering right here on BuzzFeed.

    NONONO, the Swedish pop group responsible for 2013's catchiest whistle, are back with a new music video for their song "One Wish."

    For the video, premiering here on BuzzFeed, the band is replaced by a trio of preteen dopplegangers. The young NONONO live in a world without adults and get into the kind of trouble you always wanted to as a kid.

    They explore a dreamy Scandinavian forest.

    They ransack an abandoned town in search of snacks.

    They take a break from unsupervised fun and games to contemplate existence.

    They put together a moving funeral for a duck.

    And, finally, they grow up and emerge from the forest as an internationally renowned pop group.

    Get lost in the wilds of youth and watch the full video below. Download their album We Are Only What We Feel here.

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