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    Miley Cyrus Wrote A Song In Memory Of Her Blowfish Pablow

    It's actually pretty sad.

    Earlier this year, Miley Cyrus' pet blowfish, Pablow, died.

    The singer loved her aquarium buddy so intensely that she got his likeness tattooed on her arm as part of the grieving process.

    She also wrote a sad song about how much the little guy meant to her, which she played for the first time as part of her Happy Hippie Presents performance series.

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    In the video she sings, cries, and bangs on the keyboard in an appropriately despondent fashion.

    Miley Cyrus

    Both moving and a little ridiculous, the song perfectly captures how it feels to love a small animal.

    Miley Cyrus
    Miley Cyrus
    How can I loveSomeone I never touchedYou lived under the waterBut I love you so muchYou never been on landAnd you never seen the skyYou don't know what a cloud isWhy does everything I love have to dieThey all wanted to you to seeYou be as big as you could beBut I couldn't let that beBy keeping you small, by keeping you safeIf I could do it againI'd release you to sea'Cause I can't bear to seeSomething so just wild just die in a tankAnd Pablow the blowfishI miss you so muchAnd Pablow the blowfishI miss you so badOn Saturday nightWe all went out to eatBut I can never decideSo someone chose sushiI got soupAnd I ordered riceBut watching my friends eat my friendsRuined my appetiteOh, Pablow the blowfishThey only knew you like I doThey'd love you tooAnd Pablow the blowfishI miss you so badI won't forgetEven one second we had'Cause you might be goneBut you could never be deadI heard of a seahorse named SadieI heard she was quite the ladyMaybe you'll find her and you can make babiesThat'd be kind of crazyIf Pablow the blowfishFound love deep in the seaThen that would meanPablow the blowfishIs better off than here with meBut Pablow the blowfishI miss you so bad

    Stay strong, girl, we love you!

    Miley Cyrus