Kanye West Only Just Listened To Beck's Album For The First Time

    He concedes it's pretty good.

    Kanye West did his thing at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month.

    He made out with his wife on the red carpet, mended fences with Taylor Swift, stormed the stage when Beck won Album Of The Year and insisted after the show the singer-songwriter should "respect artistry" by giving his award to the more-deserving Beyonce.

    All in all, it was a very Kanye evening.

    Many Beck fans, however, wondered if the rapper had even taken the time to listen to the album he was disparaging in the press.

    I wonder if Kanye has even heard Beck's album? #Grammys

    Pressing question of the day, has Kanye even heard Beck's album?

    Do we even know if Kanye has heard Beck's new album?!? How bout we get that confirmed before he spouts shit about artistry. #GRAMMYs

    The answer, it turns out, is no.

    Kanye revealed on The Breakfast Club this morning that the first time he heard Beck's Grammy-winning Morning Phase was at dinner with Taylor Swift after the Grammys.

    His take?

    Maybe Kanye should take his own advice and ~respect artistry~ by not weighing in on other people's work before he's experienced it.