This Might Be The First Snippet Of Adele's New Album


    The long wait for new Adele music may finally be over!

    A short, mysterious clip featuring a new song and a little bit of text played during an X Factor ad break Sunday evening — no dates, no titles, nothing but that voice.

    While the internet seems convinced this is the first taste of the British songstress's highly anticipated third album, the singer and her team have remained mum.

    That awkward moment when a 30 second Adele advert is more exciting than the whole series of X Factor.

    Erm did Adele just tease her new album in an X Factor to ad break??

    BuzzFeed Music has reached out to a representative for Adele for comment.


    The band OneRepublic, which is fronted by frequent Adele collaborator Ryan Tedder, just tweeted:


    Adele's publicist officially declined BuzzFeed Music's request for comment.