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13 Instantly Iconic Moments From Demi Lovato's VMAs Performance

Spoiler alert: Demetria Devonne slayed.

Demi Lovato performed at the Video Music Awards for the first time Sunday night and — surprise, surprise — she totally slayed.

1. She started the performance by feeling herself up.

2. And then she ditched her faux-fur coat to stay ~cool for the summer~.

3. She followed that up by disposing of her glasses in the sexiest way possible.

4. After she stripped down to something more comfortable, she got down on her knees and rocked the fuck out.

5. Then she began the squats portion of her workout performance.

6. She's feelin' the burn!

7. And herself!

8. Yay! Cherry confetti! How fun!

9. She found a way to keep herself busy during Iggy Azalea's verse.

10. Like, really busy.

11. Just when it started to seem like spectacle would overpower her talent, Demi let loose.

12. And then concluded by crowd-surfing in a pool.

13. Congrats, Demetria Devonne! You totally slayed.

Celebrate Demi's totally iconic VMAs performance by watching the "Cool for the Summer" video for the 378th time.

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