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19 GIFs That Prove Beyoncé And Nicki Are #FriendshipGoals Defined

We're ~feeling~ the "Feeling Myself" video.

1. Bey, being a good friend, makes sure the camera is clean before it pans over to Nicki.

2. The ladies share a mirror while they do their pre-party prep and it's, like, not even a big deal. Who needs a diva dressing room when you've got your bestie by your side?

3. When Bey was like, "Hey, Nick, what if we got in Blue's baby pool and mugged for a bit?" Nicki totally did it even though she wasn't fully on board, because she is nothing if not completely supportive of her friend's ideas.

4. Instead of getting into a water fight with each other, they aim their aqua aggression elsewhere.

5. They know how to coordinate their ~lewks~ without looking too matchy-matchy.

6. They're content to just hang out in the same room, even if they're working on different things.

7. Their selfie game is even more **flawless than you'd expect.

8. Friends that trap thirst together, stay together.

9. Bey doesn't just share the spotlight, she'll redirect it when necessary.

10. This is their secret handshake:

11. They know that practice...

12. ...makes perfect!

13. What's the point of being friends if you aren't going to occasionally ruin their shot with some juvenile antics?

14. You know it's real when your pal is so excited she can't keep it together while you do your thing.

15. Who hasn't stood guard while their bestie does touch-ups?

16. Goofy concert dance moves? Check!

17. That moment when you and your bestie are ~feeling yourselves~.


19. #BarbHive4Life

The full "Feeling Myself" video is available to stream on Tidal.