13 Things That Happen At A Miranda Lambert Concert

    Spoiler alert: She rocks.

    1. The theme of the night will be girl power.

    2. Miranda will reveal herself to be an undercover rock star.

    3. Seriously, girl is a guitar god(dess).

    4. The venue will temporarily become a country disco.

    5. Miranda will be happy to share the spotlight with her friends.

    6. And her fans!

    7. Some lucky fans will get to go home with these babies.

    8. Miranda will be the very definition of Short Hair, Don't Care.

    9. And she'll change some lyrics to prove it.

    Good-bye "long, blonde hair." Hello "dirty blonde" bob!

    10. Expect a little smokin' and a lot of drinkin'.

    11. Every day is #TBT on the Certified Platinum Tour.

    12. She'll sound like the twangy, badass angel she is.

    13. You'll leave convinced that country music needs to make room for more women, stat.