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13 Things That Happen At A Miranda Lambert Concert

Spoiler alert: She rocks.

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1. The theme of the night will be girl power.

The show kicks off with a video tribute to female trailblazers. Women like Sally Ride, Wilma Rudolph, and Trudy Ederle are shown kicking ass and taking names before Miranda Lambert storms the stage with her own badass brand of female empowerment.

2. Miranda will reveal herself to be an undercover rock star.

Eight years ago Miranda Lambert vowed she'd "show 'em what a little girls are made of" (gunpowder and lead, obvs) and now she seems determined to prove the grown women are made of something even stronger. On Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City, she took on The Rolling Stones' "Bitch" and "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin after howling her way through her own greatest hits. A ballsy move for a tiny blonde cowgirl from Texas, but Miranda nailed it. She rocks harder than even the most seasoned rock bands.

3. Seriously, girl is a guitar god(dess).

4. The venue will temporarily become a country disco.

For the tolerance anthem "All Kinds Of Kinds," no less.

5. Miranda will be happy to share the spotlight with her friends.

It may be her show, but Miranda Lambert doesn't need to be the center of attention for every second of it. On Saturday night, she invited backup singer Gwen Sebastian and bestie-slash-bandmate Ashley Monroe on stage to sing a cover of the Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away."

6. And her fans!

An adorable photo montage of Miranda Nation plays during "All Kinds Of Kinds."

7. Some lucky fans will get to go home with these babies.

8. Miranda will be the very definition of Short Hair, Don't Care.

9. And she'll change some lyrics to prove it.

Good-bye "long, blonde hair." Hello "dirty blonde" bob!

10. Expect a little smokin' and a lot of drinkin'.

It's hard staying sober during a Miranda Lambert show, so don't even bother trying. Everything's better after that second drink anyway.

11. Every day is #TBT on the Certified Platinum Tour.

Chris Ramon/GSXRC1300 / Via

Those bangs! That hat! The montage of old Miranda footage that plays during "Famous In A Small Town" is not to be missed.

12. She'll sound like the twangy, badass angel she is.

13. You'll leave convinced that country music needs to make room for more women, stat.

At the very end of the show, right before launching into "Cowboy Take Me Away," Miranda acknowledged the bro-tastic state of country music: "We all agree there should be more women in country music," she told the crowd. "And we really miss the Dixie Chicks." She didn't need to say any more, because the sound of women harmonizing with each other said it all.

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