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    We Found A 3-Star Hotel Chain's Cleaning Guide, And We Were Shocked At What Gets Cleaned The Least

    How often do they clean those shower curtains?

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    "Check shower curtains" on Sunday. Clean shower curtains 11 Sundays from now. Also, "Pee Walls" are a normal thing?

    Here's what gets cleaned the first week of every month.

    I hope this really means "See if any people named 'Mark' are in the walls."

    The second week is all about the look and smell as you enter the room.

    At least airborne germs can only book your room for 30 days at a time...

    The bathroom is reserved for week three.

    Don't worry. It's not like poop can get in those hinges right by the toilet bowl.

    While furniture earns week four's attention.

    So the furniture gets cleaned once a month, that's gotta bode well for the bedding, right?

    However, some things apparently only need to be cleaned once every three months.

    Oh no. Oh nonononononono.

    Also, the bottom of this document looks like it was eaten... or maybe it just disintegrated from exposure to filth.