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We Created Tinder Profiles And Got It All Wrong

When it comes to creating the "perfect" Tinder profile, the struggle is real.

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The Try Guys gave it their best shot! Watch and see what their Tinder profiles look like! Who would you swipe right for?

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Zach's photos were up first, and Dr. Jess was quick to point out he should lose the glasses and look towards the camera.


Glasses obstruct your peepers and Dr. Jess says that sends a signal of whether you're a trustworthy individual or not.

Then it was Keith's turn, and he thought he hit it outta the park with this photo of him wearing a "KEITH" t-shirt and holding a bouquet of fried chicken and biscuits.


According to Dr. Jess, all this pic said about Keith was that he may forget what his name is, and he's got cardiovascular disease on the mind. Nope!

Moving along to Ned and this photo of him and his adorable dog: Dr. Jess suggested he show his entire face because if you do, you're 20% more likely to be swiped right on.


Okay so full disclosure: Ned met his wife before online dating was a thing but he still played along so we could all learn from his Tinder profile mistakes.


Eugene decided to feature himself in a "cute beige outfit" while leaning casually on a dumpster. Let's just say Dr. Jess was not impressed.

Let's move along to the bio portion of the dudes' profiles because Dr. Jess said bios are absolutely critical on Tinder.


"I think that you need so much work that it's not even funny." It's a little bit funny.

Which brings us to Keith's super slick bio, which Dr. Jess thought said absolutely nothing about him.


Keith found it incredibly difficult to sit there and hear that dogshit being read out loud. No shade!


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