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Rebecca Black Let Twitter Run Her Day And Things Got Weird

"Wait, can I talk about... porn?"

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Rebecca Black came to BuzzFeed to let me, Keith Habersberger, and her Twitter followers make her decisions for the day.

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The day consisted of five Twitter polls to decide what Rebecca would do. First up:

I'm at @BuzzFeedVideo and today I'm letting you decide my whole day!! First up, how should @KeithHabs and I change our appearance?

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Time to shine up those eye bags, baby!

And tbh, she was feeling her look.

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Yes, Rebecca. Dance like everyone's watching.

Onto poll #2!

Next we're gonna try some virtual reality! Yay! What do we do?

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Her *nightmare* was a game called The Cubicle, which is described as a "VR work experience."

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Look at how much fun she is having!

After the nightmare ended, she wasn't ready for reality.

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We all love a good desk job, Rebecca.

Poll #3 would bring a little drama...

Well thank you guys I literally just experienced my worst nightmare. Next?

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She told me she really didn't want to do this.

Here's a GIF of a big whitehead coming out of a nose and then Rebecca screaming, "Nooo." Click if that sort of thing interests you.

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Old noses are full of stuff. Thanks, Dr. Pimple Popper!

Then came the poll we've been waiting for... #4!

That was gross! Next up...let's make some music!

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See what I did there with the poll #4 thing?

To watch the ~finale~ and see Rebecca jam out about Thursday, check out the full video:

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