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11 Computer Charts That All Parents Should See

If we knew how to fix the internet, we’d be able to afford our own phone plan, Mom!

1. The real reason your phone charger isn’t working with your laptop:

2. The anatomy of a good password:

3. The probability that you are actually getting in touch with me on social media:

4. Things that can and cannot get hacked:

5. How to exit out of that window that’s “bugging you”:

6. An easy way to remember how to make your computer run faster:

7. The amount that each keyboard shortcut will solve your problem before we can:

8. Things that are and are not emails:

9. What that link in that email forward is good for:

10. Why your wireless mouse isn’t working:

11. An easy way to know if you should ask us for help:

Images by BuzzFeed.

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