27 Worst Haircuts In Soccer

Soccer has a long, unfortunate history with hair. Here are some of the highlights.

27. David Beckham

Looks like: That girl in middle school who just got back from a cruise.

26. Fredrik Ljungberg

Looks like: Recalled Furby

25. Brek Shea

Looks like: Long-lost Jedward brother.

24. Jason Lee

Looks like: A pineapple.

23. Raul Meireles

Looks like: Recently kicked out of Blur.

22. Javier Pinola

Looks like: Balding in all the wrong places.

21. Luis Figo

Looks like: Asked the barber for “something that matches my shoulder pads.”

20. Javier Margas

Looks like: A rainbow sno-cone.

19. 1998 Romanian National Team

Looks like: An Eminem music video.

18. Chris Waddle

Looks like: An outdoors mugshot.

17. Sir Bobby Charlton

Looks like: The gallant knight of middle age-dom.

16. Junior Senaya

Looks like: There’s a bird or two overhead.

15. Joe Cole

Looks like: He forgot not to do that.

14. Gervinho

Looks like: Megamind.

13. Salomon Kalou

Looks like: A big Beetleborgs fan.

12. Sandro Raniere

Looks like: The protagonist of a grocery store romance novel.

11. Ronaldo

Looks like: A champion, lay off him.

10. Andy Carroll

Looks like: Vintage K Fed.

9. Vagner Love

Looks like: Part time Parliament-Funkadelic member.

8. Manuel Loco

Looks like: He missed a spot.

7. Marouane Chamakh

Looks like: An oil spill.

6. Miroslav Penner

Looks like: Your friend’s mom.

5. Roberto Baggio

Looks like: A beaver.

4. Abel Xavier

Looks like: He was not Abel to find a decent barber.

3. Mike Werner

Looks like: Joe Dirt.

2. Taribo West

Looks like: Funky shoelaces.

1. Carlos Valderrama

Looks like: The rainforest.

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