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Sansa's Necklace On "Game Of Thrones" Has Me Feeling Concerned

I'm concerned.

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As you probably know by now, Sansa Stark's costumes on Game of Thrones always hold some sort of meaning.


Since the beginning of the show, Sansa has made and embroidered her own clothing, often infusing her feelings into what she wears.

Last year, costume designer Michele Clapton told BuzzFeed that Sansa's costumes usually serve as a visual signal for where her allegiances currently lie — and she tends to emulate the style of her allies.


"Initially we see her try to emulate Cersei in her costumes," Clapton said. "Wherever she goes, she’s sort of pulled in each direction."

But Clapton also said that in Season 7 she'd be exploring Sansa finally coming into her own. "Slowly, she’s becoming slightly more her own woman rather than always being influenced by those around her. She’s finally finding herself."

And yet, some eagle-eyed fans have observed that Sansa is rocking some signature Cersei hair this season.

Same hair as Cersei. Same look as Cersei. I think Sansa has learnt from the best.. #GOTs7


Remember? Back in Season 4, Sansa emerged with an entirely reimagined, darker look, ready to travel with Littlefinger. Some took it as a sign of her reclaiming her autonomy, and figuring out how to ally herself with Littlefinger to her own advantage.

The most striking visual in the outfit was her necklace — a circular design, enwrapped in a silver chain, with a sharp spike on the end. Clapton has said in the past that the spike is "Sansa’s smaller version of Needle," Arya's sword.


Last night, Jon decided he's going to see Daenerys in person to try to form an alliance, and he's leaving the North in Sansa's care until he returns.

So what does this mean? Is the necklace a sign that Sansa is ready to form another alliance with Littlefinger when Jon is away? Or maybe she just wears a cool circular necklace every time she levels up?