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We Gotta Talk About Bob In "Stranger Things 2"

Bob Newby, sweet superhero.

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Fans are starting to voice their opinion that Bob, like Barb, deserves justice.

barb died & everyone cared abt her SHE BARLEY HAD LINES bob died, he saved joyce,will,mike, & hopper but no one seems to care abt him WHY?


“Barb deserved better” First of all, Bob Newby was a Superhero one that Hawkins needed but not one that it deserved #StrangerThings2

barb who? i only know my man bob who fucking deserved better!! an unproblematic fave

i don't ever want to hear another fucking word about "justice for barb" when bob the brain is the real fucking tragedy of this series

But don't count on a Bob storyline in the next season of Stranger Things — at least not according to series creators the Duffer Brothers. "Not gonna do it again, not gonna do it again," Matt Duffer laughed when asked if Bob is the new Barb. "I don't think the Barb Phenomenon is ever gonna happen again with the show. That was just wild, it still blows my mind. The internet is a weird place."


But the Duffer Brothers did have a very tough time killing off Bob. Initially, he was only supposed to be around for four episodes, but that changed after they cast Sean Astin in the role. "We fell in love with Sean, we fell in love with what he was doing with the character, and suddenly we started to fall in love with Bob. And so we kept pushing his death away, deeper and deeper into the season, until we finally got to Episode 8," Duffer continued.

It was such a tough scene to write, the Duffers said they had a bit of a breakdown. "We were in Atlanta, it was like 11 at night, we’re writing the scene and I just closed by computer and was like, 'Can we just talk for a minute and make sure this is something that we wanna do? Because it feels awful writing it,'" Matt Duffer said.


"The narrative would lose something great if he didn’t die there," he continued. "We felt like if everyone escaped that lab at the moment, and no one’s perished along the way, that the stakes weren’t going to be high enough moving into the final episode. We don’t want the audience to always feel safe. Just because you like a character or we like a character doesn’t mean they’re gonna make it out of any given situation."

"I will say that we tried to save Bob, or I tried to save him specifically, but yeah, he still had to die, unfortunately," Duffer concluded. "I have no idea how it would work, but I wanna see a flashback of Bob founding A.V. Club and getting bullied by Hopper."