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    24 Times The "Me Before You" Cast Was Just Too Adorable

    They're living their lives as fully as possible.

    1. When Emilia Clarke (Louisa Clark) and Sam Claflin (William Traynor) kept the press tour interesting.

    2. Seriously, how blessed are we to have these two promoting a film together?

    3. They're clearly having a great time.

    4. They clearly loved filming together as well. Remember that time Emilia accused Sam of stealing her Khaleesi doll on set?

    5. He didn't, but it ignited a war that ended with Rosie, Sam's cockapoodle, conquering Westeros.

    6. It's fine though. It seems Rosie is fine with splitting queen duties with Khaleesi.

    7. And, of course, we have to talk about Lou's bumblebee tights.

    8. We have to talk about THIS:

    9. Let's talk about how Emilia Clarke pretty much IS Louisa.

    10. And how Sam totally agrees.

    11. They're so supportive of each other.

    12. Oh, and we haven't even touched on the bromance betwixt Sam and Matthew Lewis (Patrick).

    13. They were, at one point, chased by a herd of cows together.

    14. Matthew allegedly squealed.

    15. Nothing bonds a group of people together quite like being chased by a herd of cows.

    16. It forms a lifelong connection, ya know?

    17. This movie obviously meant a lot to everyone. The cast spent time with the book's author, Jojo Moyes...

    18. ...and seemed invested in bringing these beloved characters to life.

    19. Emilia even got a bumblebee tattoo in honor of Lou.

    It turned out pretty gorgeous:

    20. And Sam left his very own copy of Me Before You at a location in central London for some lucky fan to find...

    21. ...which included a beautiful inscription from Will Traynor himself.

    22. This was, clearly, a pretty magical experience.

    23. And everyone seemed to feel the same way when it ended.

    24. 😭 💛 😭 💛 😭 💛