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This Is What Brunch With The American Girl Dolls Would Be Like

No one throws shade like Samantha.

Any '90s kid who was lucky enough to have an American Girl doll has surely wondered what it would be like to meet their Girl in-person.

Well, wonder no more.

Comediennes Lauren Ireland and Anni Weisband have answered all our questions.

Weisband told BuzzFeed that she owned Molly, and Ireland grew up with an Addy doll. The ladies "wanted an all female set so that there would only be 100% American Girl Doll enthusiasm."

And from Felicity's political optimism...

...to Kirsten's fundamental misunderstanding of American culture...

...they nailed it.

Kit even makes a characteristically cheery cameo.

And, of course, Samantha throws expert shade.

Watch the whole video here:

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