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So, Kristin Chenoweth Loves Trisquits


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Kristin Chenoweth's tweets are amazing.

To me this looks like a leaf in shape of a heart and it's pink!

She treats us to pool selfies.

I even wear lashes at the pool#moretocome

And glimpses into her own personal thoughts.

And just lots of fun, casual life/weather updates.

It's 101 degrees in Oklahoma. Wow. I forgot.


She also asks very important questions.

Seriously, what is that?

On the streets on NYC. What is this??????

And she lets us know when the bed bus is coming.

But her most important tweets started back in April, when she shared a fun snack idea.

I love a good trisquit with some ranch and low fat skim cheese.


The world kept spinning, and we all soon forgot. UNTIL just this past August, trisquits returned.

Really Rosemary and basil trisquits? With Swiss and ranch? Really??? ILoveATrisquit


Then, mere days ago, as if she heard our prayers and answered them, Kristin tweeted us the confirmation we so needed:


Yes, Kristin Chenoweth loves trisquits/Triscuits.