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Time To Freak Out, Because The New "Sherlock" Trailer Is Here

Something's coming.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, THIS IS NOT A DRILL: The trailer for Sherlock Season 4 is here and it looks dark AF.

It's not a game anymore. #Sherlock season 4 coming in 2017…

Sherlock is back, rocking some tortured stubble, and generally questioning everything.

Tragically, no new footage of Moriarty — who may or may not even be back...

...though we do get a quick glimpse of a pool, the preferred location for Sherlock/Moriarty showdowns.

It looks like Sherlock's going to have to come to terms with some of his own demons this season. He's looking worse for wear, guys.

And this looks like a much larger-scale production than usual. There are lots of big action scenes.

Mary is undercover, perhaps putting those assassin skills to good use...

...and John has gotten a silver-fox upgrade. Look at that slicked-back hair.

Oh, and let's please take a moment to admire Mrs. Hudson taking NONE of Mycroft's shit.

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to wait until 2017 to see what the hell is going on, so let's get right to the theories, folks.