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22 Reasons Every Fantasy Nerd Should Be Watching "The Magicians"

Some spoilers, so please just watch this show already so we can talk about it.

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1. The Magicians is like Harry Potter for twentysomethings, but darker and filled with sexy peril.


Yes, this Syfy show is about a magical school in a picturesque location that's filled with beautiful and scary supernatural beings, but it also draws heavily from The Chronicles of Narnia and feels like a morbid early-'00s CW program.

2. The show somehow manages to stay true to — and expand upon — the books' source material.

Syfy / Carole Segal/Syfy

The show, based on Lev Grossman's Magicians Trilogy, gives us all the big moments and characters from the books, as well as new plots and characters. They've made room for fascinating cast additions like Marina, Top Bitch in New York, who will hopefully give the show a shelf-life well beyond the source material.

3. The show's not shying away from the darkness of the books. If anything, it's even scarier.


The Dean's fate after his run-in with The Beast? Alice's poor brother? These things were scary on paper, but the show's visuals are straight-up horrifying.

6. The show tactfully tackles issues of mental health and medication.


From the very first episode, mental health and medication are integral parts of the story, making the show feel more refreshingly honest. Magicians author Lev Grossman has written about his own journey with both in the past.

7. The show also (briefly) addresses sexual violence — and will continue to do so in Season 2.


"What Lev does, and what we kind of inherited and what we get to do in this show, is to get real with these stories and to talk about what the human truth of these stories is," showrunner Sera Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter after the finale aired.

8. Actor Jason Ralph's character is all of us.

Syfy / Via arirsw.tumblr.com

His portrayal of Quentin Coldwater is appropriately sardonic, insecure, and occasionally frustrating. Every fantasy nerd who's ever had trouble growing up and coming to terms with the real world will relate to him on a spiritual level.

9. Olivia Taylor Dudley nails the whole quiet, withdrawn brilliance thing.


Nothing about her character Alice's shy awkwardness is forced, and it's easy to believe she's the most brilliant Magician at Brakebills.

11. Stella Maeve is giving us the perfect amount of steel and vulnerability.

Syfy / Carole Segal / Syfy

She's the perfect Fortinbras to Quentin's Hamlet, except, thankfully, she gets way more stage time.

12. Hale Appleman (Eliot) and Summer Bishil (Margo) are so wickedly delightful together, they deserve their own reality TV show spin-off.

Syfy / Via naughty-strawberry.tumblr.com

Someone put them in a tropical setting with nothing but their combined wits, some alcohol, and a few greased up shirtless men. Would click, would share.

13. The Magicians has the cutest bromance ever.

Syfy / Carole Segal/Syfy

Sure, it gets kinda weird later on, but Eliot and Quentin are the perfect odd couple for most of the first season.

20. The finger tutting is actually remarkably cool.

Syfy / Via brakebillskids.tumblr.com

In place of wands, Brakebills students conjure magic with complex hand and finger movements. It's neat and you will 100% try to copy them.

21. Julia and Quentin have a complex friendship that isn't based solely on romance.

Syfy / Via itismultifandom.tumblr.com

The longtime best friends definitely have some sexual tension early on, but they deal with some deep shit pretty fast: jealousy, betrayal, dishonesty, and, ultimately, using magic to try and destroy one another.

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