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    Here Are The "Queer Eye" Transformations That Were The Most Challenging

    "That was my proudest moment."

    Hopefully you've finished Queer Eye by now, and you're ready to talk about the biggest makeover transformations this season.


    The brand-new Fab Five — Antoni Porowski (food and wine), Bobby Berk (interior design), Karamo Brown (culture), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), and Tan France (fashion) — stopped by BuzzFeed to tell us all about their most challenging transformations this season.

    Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

    Grooming: Neal, Episode 2, "Saving Sasquatch"


    "Mine was definitely Neal, partially because I had the most to work with. I had the most area to play with him, I had some hair and I had a beard to work with. But he was also really reticent to cut it off.

    I’ve never washed someone’s hair and given that gorgeous of a head massage and had their legs be, like, bolt outright. He was literally so nervous. No one was hard to work with though." —Jonathan Van Ness

    Interior Design: Bobby, Episode 5, "Camp Rules"


    "I would say my biggest one was Bobby Camp. Should it have been on Hoarders or Queer Eye?

    Usually we can get in there and clean things out really quickly, but that took a full day and a half just to clean. With six young kids and a job, it’s completely understandable that keeping a tidy home is the last thing on your mind." —Bobby Berk

    Food and Wine: Tom, Episode 1, "You Can't Fix Ugly"


    "I wanna say Neal, but thinking back about Tom, as soon as we arrived and saw his physical appearance — the swelling and puffiness in his face — we learned that he has lupus.

    I wasn’t too familiar with [the condition]. There’s [a history of] autoimmune disease in my family so I know a little bit about inflammatory foods and a diet approach to treating [them].

    Tom is a guy who eats a three-pepper burrito every day, and peppers are a nightshade. He smokes [and] tobacco is also a nightshade, I had no idea! He drinks jalapeño margaritas, which have peppers — [he was doing] all the worst things he could possibly be doing for himself." —Antoni Porowski

    Culture: Joe, Episode 7, "Below Average Joe"


    "My most challenging episode is one that kind of flies under the radar, which is Joe Gallois. For me, [the show] was all about being comfortable and breaking out of your shell, and even though Neal was resistant, he was a little more comfortable because he had [Tan] and he could relate. But Joe could not relate to any of us.

    He was just like, 'I’m scared. I don’t wanna do this. I would rather be living next to my mom and dad for the rest of my life.' And for us to get him out of that in such a short time, and to see him blossom and get a girl, it was [great].

    But he took [his website] down! He said, 'I’m not sure if i’m ready for that point in my career.' I was like, 'I’m building you this because in a matter of months, millions of people are gonna see you and flock to your website.' And he took it down." —Karamo Brown

    Fashion: Neal, Episode 2, "Saving Sasquatch"


    "Mine was also Neal, because of the fact that he was originally so resistant to being touched, being loved. The others, you could tell they were so desperately wanting a change in their lives, but Neal seemed a little hesitant at first.

    But that was the biggest transformation — not just physically, but emotionally. That was my proudest moment." —Tan France

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